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A good website is a window into your organisation, showing people exactly who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why they should choose you above anyone else.  That’s why we’re proud to produce responsive, affordable web design to suit all needs.

For web design in Cornwall and beyond, we’ve got you covered!

Illustration of paintbrushes in a cup for the blog post Graphic Design is Easy Right?
Advice and How-Tos

Graphic Design is Easy…So Do You Actually Need To Hire An Expert?

Whilst most of us are aware that creating legal policies or setting up mass production might be best left to the experts, we often tell ourselves that when it comes to designing flyers to advertise our organisation, or creating a logo for our new business, we can definitely do that ourselves. After all, how hard can it be?!

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Advice and How-Tos

Time For A Website Refresh! How To Make Sure You Stay Up-To-Date

Since the first thing potential visitors or clients often see of your organisation may well be your online presence, it’s worth checking in on it now and again and being ready to give it a bit of a makeover when it needs it.

So, what can you do to ensure your website stays fresh?!

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hand painted image of children playing, by Lesley Harris of Little Bird Creative
Advice and How-Tos

Inspiring Little Minds – How To Make Exciting, Child-Friendly Museum Spaces

Do you remember your first trip to a museum?

When Little Bird Emma was little, her grandparents lived in London and she was lucky enough to have fairly frequent visits to incredible places like The Natural History Museum, The V&A and The Science Museum. To this day, she has fond memories of those trips; marvelling at the exhibits on display and taking her time to ensure she hadn’t missed seeing a single thing! Which leads us to a question…

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Illustration graphic of a paintbrush and pencil
Advice and How-Tos

The Magic of Illustration – How Images Make A Difference

Every day, we’re surrounded by illustration, whether we realise it or not! From hand-drawn pieces to digital art, a great illustration can tell you more about an organisation or event, help you make sense of tricky instructions and bring even the driest of subjects to life.

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Whether you’re looking for an online shop, a simple, single page site or an all-singing, all-dancing website complete with the kitchen sink thrown in, we’re here to help!

If you’re looking for web design in Cornwall or beyond and you’d like our help, please do drop us a line at contact@lb-creative.co.uk or fill in our helpful form and we’ll get back to you!

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