When Might YOU Need A Creative Design Agency?

“Creative design agency.”  For some people, those words might not mean very much.  What does a creative design agency even do?

For some, the phrase may conjour up an image of a swanky office, filled with people who use sentences like “push the envelope” or “blue sky thinking,” who are just waiting to charge you a zillion pounds for drawing a squiggle.

When we started Little Bird Creative, our goal was to be honest and to keep things simple.  So, let’s start right at the beginning…

Little Bird Creative art supplies for our design work, including pencils, pens and a very cute tiger-shaped pencil sharpener!

What IS A Creative Design Agency?

This is one of those questions that an awful lot of companies will answer using as many “business-speak” phrases as possible.  So, before you rush off to Google “visual communications” or “brand-awareness strategies,” don’t worry – we’re not going to do that.  

Beyond the fancy lingo, it’s really not a complicated thing.  A creative design agency is where you go for help with all the – you guessed it – creative aspects of running your business, organisation or event.  You might be looking for digital support, such as video content, web design or social media management.  Alternatively, you could be searching for promotional print-materials, such as flyers, posters or even business cards.  Perhaps you need someone to write you an engaging blog post or a press release for media outlets?

The short answer is that a creative design agency is there to bring your ideas to life, with the goal of growing your audience and showing off what you do best – by letting us do what we do best!  Win-win!

So, When Might You Need a Creative Design Agency?

Obviously this is going to depend entirely on who you are, what you do and what your personal skill set is.  You might be absolutely brilliant at organising a music festival, but not so hot on graphic design, for example…

Lots of small businesses and organisations use creative design agencies when they’re just starting out.  From setting up a website and creating that all-important logo (that’s part of the “brand identity” you’ll hear agencies talking about), to coming up with interesting and exciting ways to get people talking about what you do, a creative design agency can help you make the right first impression.

Rehearsal invite

Going forward, there’s plenty that a creative design agency can do to help take the pressure off, behind-the-scenes.  Need someone to run your social media channels?  We’ve got that covered!  Want to run a campaign, with printed flyers, video content or paid adverts online?  That’s sorted, too.  Are you appearing at a local event and need a pop-up banner or even snazzy t-shirts to help you stand out from the crowd?  Yep, we can help you there as well.

And of course, Little Bird Creative is not your average design agency.  We’re highly experienced in the Arts & Culture sector and specialise in it because it’s our passion

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Why Choose Little Bird Creative?

Whether you’re a museum looking for exhibition panels, a music group who needs merchandise designed or a start-up event searching for the whole shebang – logo, promo videos, social media, the whole works – we know your industry and we’re brimming with ideas!  We’ve worked in the Arts & Culture sector for years and when we’re not working, we’re participating in it – singing in a barbershop chorus, visiting museums and heritage attractions and taking part in events.  We do what we do because we love it, we understand it and we just want to do more of it!  All of which means we can create high-quality work that is also budget-friendly.  A zillion pounds for a squiggle?  Not at Little Bird Creative.

So, now that we’ve hopefully demystified the whole concept of what a creative design agency actually is, why not get in touch and see how we could help you?!

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