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Time For A Website Refresh! How To Make Sure You Stay Up-To-Date

When you’re busy focusing on running your organisation, there are several things – like your social media channels or your website – that can end up being left to simply tick along in the background. After all, the most important thing is that you get on with your day-to-day jobs. You don’t have time to sit and worry about the colour of your homepage! The trouble is, websites are rather like an opened packet of crumpets. Left unattended, they can go stale rather quickly… Since the first thing potential visitors or clients often see of your organisation may well be your online presence, it’s worth checking in on it now and again and being ready to give it a bit of a makeover when it needs it. So, what can you do to ensure your website stays fresh?!

Upload Regular Content

A good way to keep people coming back to your website is to ensure they’ll have new things to see. One of the simplest ways to do this is to have a blog, which you update regularly with behind-the-scenes news, information on upcoming events or even tips that visitors to your site might find handy. For example, if you’re running a CIC with the aim of encouraging greater understanding of mental health issues, you could write a blog sharing advice on how to deal with stress or anxiety. If blogging isn’t your thing, then perhaps photography is? Changing the imagery you share on your site can be really useful, especially if you’ve been using the same photos for a long time. Older pictures can make your site look and feel tired. So, get snapping and bring your website bang up to date!
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Trim The Fat...

When was the last time you sat down and read your website from start to finish?! It might sound like the last thing you have time to do, but that in itself could be telling you something. The information on your website needs to be clear and concise, so it’s worthwhile checking that you don’t have any unnecessary or even out-of-date information on there. And if you do – delete it! This is especially important if you have a single-page website. After all, nobody wants to feel as though they’re endlessly scrolling without ever reaching the bottom of the page! If you’re technologically-minded, you can improve your site by trimming more than just text. It’s worth keeping an eye on any plug-ins you have installed that are no longer being used. These can slow down your website and make it less responsive. Again, if you don’t need it, delete it!

Make It Easier To Navigate

Put yourself in the mindset of a person who might visit your site. What are they looking for? What might they want to find out or do? Whatever the answer is, make sure that is front and centre of your site! Nobody wants to be searching for a contact form or scrambling around for information that should be easy to find. If you’re a little too close to be truly objective, have a family member or friend visit your site with a specific task, be it finding out the time and date of an event or making a purchase from your online shop. If they have trouble completing the task, it could indicate that your site layout needs a rethink. Oh, and endless pop-up boxes? We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t find them annoying. If your site is clear and easy to navigate, there’s little to no need for them!
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An illustration of a computer on an orange background. Text reads "web design by Little Bird Creative." This illustration represents Little Bird Creative's provision of web design in Cornwall.

We Can Help!

If you’re thinking “okay, these are good tips, but I don’t have time to act on any of them,” don’t panic! Here at Little Bird HQ, we’re ready and waiting to take the stress out of your hands, leaving you free to get on with what you do best. If your website needs a refresh, whether you’re looking for regular blog content, new images or a total site makeover, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. And yes, we do take our own advice, too! At the time of writing, we’re getting ready to launch our own, new-look site, which should be simpler to navigate and streamlined in its content. We can’t wait to show it off!
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