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Merry Christmas From The Little Birds!

Well, here we are at the end of another exciting year here at Little Bird HQ, with lots to look forward to in 2023…

What Did We Get Up To In 2022?

From big, one-off projects with museums and heritage organisations, to helping our fellow small businesses out with everything from logo design to websites, we’ve had a busy twelve months.  

We started 2022 with both a big project and some smaller ones on the go – we like to challenge ourselves and flitting from large-scale design work to bespoke creations for small businesses is a great way to keep the mind active!  Completing our work on Cornwall Museums Partnership’s Cornish National Ark was a wonderful beginning to the year and we adored being involved in something so pivotal to Cornish heritage.  You can read all about the project here and there’s even a short video we made, too!

In Spring we got busy with designing some single-page websites for small businesses.  It’s always lovely to help boost the online presence of these clients and since one of the websites we worked on was for a cat-sitting service, we also got to coo over lots of cute kitties in the process – win-win, as far as we’re concerned!

A little video and podcast editing work followed, before we took on what was probably 2022’s biggest project for us –  Splanna!

Graphic design for museum panels by Little Bird Creative


We’ve got a long and proud history of working closely with Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, based at Bodmin Keep.  So, when they got in touch to ask for our help putting together exhibit panels and a video to celebrate their Splanna! project, we were thrilled to get involved.

Splanna! was a project across 4 museums and Kresen Kernow, to open collections to young people.  Funded as part of G7’s cultural programming, young people at the Keep were able to participate in a wide range of activities, including jewellery-making and wood-carving.  Our job was to create a logo for the Keep’s own Splanna! exhibition, as well as the exhibition panels themselves.  We spent time speaking to everyone involved – from museum staff and workshop volunteers, to the young people themselves – before coming up with something we felt captured the vitality and fun of the project.  You can watch the video we made here.

This was a total joy to be part of and gave us a chance to be really hands on – we even installed the display ourselves, which was something of a Little Bird first!  We felt incredibly inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved and we are thrilled to have played a small part in something so special.

Loving Heritage...

Over the Summer we finished working on a brand new membership pack for Cornwall’s Ancient Sites Protection Network – or CASPN, for short!  You may have guessed by now that working with heritage organisations holds a very special place in our hearts and we were once again deeply inspired by the people who give up their time to protect our local culture and history.

As Summer gave way to Autumn, we were back to small business support – designing logos, building websites and producing video for social media.  Now, as the year draws to a close, we’ve just finished building a website for a group of care homes in Devon and we’re taking on a new monthly client as of next year, focusing on – you guessed it – heritage!

Graphic design for heritage organisations by Little Bird Creative

What's In Store For 2023?

Our brand new “off-the-rack” service, Little Bird To Go, will be launching in early 2023, which we’re super excited about!  This new project aims to provide further help to small businesses as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.  We’ll be offering downloadable graphics packs, filled with backgrounds, icons and illustrations in a matching style, so that businesses can put together their own,  eye-catching social media content and posters etc.  We’ll be adding packs in a variety of themes, so whatever kind of business you run – be it a bakery or a garden centre – there’ll be a pack specific to you!

Little Bird To Go will also offer discount prices on single page website design, to help small businesses increase their online presence at a time when it really matters.  We’re passionate about this project and we can’t wait to get started!  Keep an eye on our social media pages for the big launch coming soon…

Until then, have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate and thanks to everyone who has supported us in 2022 – here’s to a happy and prosperous new year!

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