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Little Bird To Go: Easy To Use Social Media Toolkits Designed Just For You

Being active on social media can be crucial to any business or organisation, but how can you stand out from the crowd with so many people flocking online to advertise their goods or trades?  And how do you find the time to create high-quality social media images that will get people to stop scrolling and take notice?  Little Bird Creative are on hand to help with Little Bird To Go – toolkits that help you make the most of your time online, with eye-catching templates exclusively branded for you!

So, if you’re running your own business, CIC or other small organisation and need branded imagery for your social channels, you’ll want to read on…

Choose Your Toolkit

We understand that not everyone’s needs are the same.  That’s why we’ve currently got two toolkits for you to choose from, with more planned for the future.

Option One is our Complete Social Media Toolkit.  This comes with eight post templates, custom-sized for the social channels of your choice, fully branded with your organisation’s logo and colours.  These are fully editable using websites such as or, so you can change the information and photos in them over and over again, re-using them for as long as you need!  You’ll also receive profile and banner images for the social channels of your choice, plus a handy “how-to” guide, which features tips on everything from designing accessible content to reach the widest possible audience, to saving time by scheduling your posts in advance.

But what if you’re just starting out and you haven’t even got a logo yet, let alone brand colours?!

Option Two is our Complete Social Media & Branding Toolkit.  This comes with everything in the first toolkit, plus logo design and branding guidance.  We’ll set you up a colour palette, suggest fonts and create a bespoke logo that reflects who you are and what you do.

Little Bird To Go Social Media Toolkits
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This Is UNIQUE To You!

Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms offering templates for social media content, but none of those templates are unique to you.  You might create what you think is a fabulous design, only to see something very similar pop up from a different organisation.  With Little Bird To Go, that won’t happen!  Your social media templates will be designed specifically with you in mind – your brand, your voice, your business.  None of our templates are shared with anyone else and they’ll be yours forever.

There Are NO Hidden Fees

Unlike many other providers, there is no sign-up required with Little Bird To Go. You only pay once for your toolkit and then it’s yours forever, to use as you see fit.  There are no hidden extras, no monthly subscriptions and our up-front pricing means you don’t have to dig around the deepest, darkest corners of our website to try to find out what you’ll have to pay!

Our Complete Social Media Toolkit is yours for a one-off payment of £450.  The Complete Social Media & Branding Toolkit, which includes a bespoke logo designed from scratch costs £700.

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Find Out More...

Your social media channels are often the first things that pop up when a potential customer searches for your organisation online, so it’s important that those channels are regularly updated with branded content.  This can be tricky when you’re using free images that don’t match up in style, or when you have several people running your socials, all of whom may have very different ideas.  Little Bird To Go solves all of that with our easy-to-use, customisable social media templates and our helpful how-to guide!

If this sounds like a service that could help your organisation and save you time, hop over to the Little Bird To Go website to find out more and order your toolkit, today.

Of course, Little Bird Creative will still be working on one-off, larger-scale projects for clients (email if you have something you’d like us to work on!) but we hope that Little Bird To Go will continue to grow, with further toolkits planned – so watch this space!

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