Little Bird To Go: How Our Brand New Toolkits Can Work For You

A green social media template designed as part of a Little Bird To Go Toolkit for Totnes Climate Hub

Last month, we were thrilled to launch Little Bird To Go social media toolkits, aimed at helping small businesses and volunteer-led organisations to create eye-catching, consistent content for their social media channels.

Just like any business launching a new product or service, a huge amount of time during the development phase was dedicated to research.  Who is this going to help?  What’s out there already?  How do we ensure our product stands out from the rest?

With that in mind, we were thrilled to team up with Totnes Climate Hub, creating the very first Little Bird To Go toolkit for this amazing organisation who are doing their bit to inspire and educate their local community.

Why Totnes Climate Hub?

Totnes Climate Hub is a volunteer-led group, making them a perfect “test case” for Little Bird To Go.  When you have a team of volunteers manning your social media, you may find that the members of that team have varying levels of knowledge.  This can sometimes result in inconsistent looking posts.
However, the Little Bird To Go social media toolkits provide bespoke social media templates and easy-to-follow “how-to” guides, ensuring that anyone from the organisation can create posts quickly and easily, secure in the knowledge that they will always stay “on brand.”  The result is that social media channels have a consistent, professional look, helping them stand out when people are busy scrolling!

We also chose Totnes Climate Hub as they are a charity organisation and had a limited budget to spend on marketing.  It was important to us to create a product that provides value for money for such groups.  By staying away from a subscription model and ensuring that the toolkits have a one-time cost, we are ensuring that our customers retain complete control over their budgets, as well as maintaining ownership over their custom graphics for use in multiple places.

Little Bird To Go Social Media Toolkits
Bespoke social media template for Totnes Climate Hub with framed space for photo to be used.

So, What Did We Do?!

We started out by creating three separate colour palettes for Totnes Climate Hub, using their logo as a basis.  Once the volunteers had selected their favourite, we began putting together the group’s brand new social media templates, staying true to their favoured colour scheme.

We also took aspects of their logo, separating the text,  leaves, waves and bridge for use in the templates in order to maintain brand consistency and to give them multiple options when creating posts.

Totnes Climate Hub use Facebook and Instagram as their preferred social media channels, so all of the templates we designed were sized for these platforms.  We came up with several designs which worked for the types of content they post most often – photos, information and event announcements.  This meant that some templates were created with frames for photographs, some were built to have text added to them and some were designed to feature both photos and text.  

Our easy-to-follow how-to guide made it simple for the organisation’s volunteers to use to edit the templates to create social media posts to share with their followers online.  We also included information on accessibility and scheduling, to ensure the widest possible audience for the Climate Hub and to make life easier for its volunteers!

Finally, using the organisation’s existing branding, we gave suggestions as to which fonts to use when adding text to the templates, in order to further ensure consistency across all posts.

"Wow, thank you so much for sharing this toolkit – it’s so comprehensive! I can’t wait to start using these for our Totnes Climate Hub content! The user guide is super helpful and I also really appreciate the accessibility guide, I did some work for a charity…last year, which made me realise more than ever how important digital accessibility is."

Yellow Totnes Climate Hub social media template designed by Little Bird Creative as part of their Complete Social Media Toolkit aka Little Bird To Go.

Find Out More About Our Social Media Toolkits

It was a real joy to work with Totnes Climate Hub on creating this first ever Little Bird To Go Toolkit.  Helping small businesses and volunteer-led organisations to access high quality graphic design is what we’re absolutely passionate about, so we were thrilled with the response from the Climate Hub when they received their completed templates and user guides!  We’re delighted to say they’re already using them on their social media to great effect.

Your social channels are often the first things that pop up when a potential customer searches for your organisation online, so it’s important that they are regularly updated with branded content.  This can be tricky when you’re using free images that don’t match up in style, or when you have several people running your socials, all of whom may have very different ideas or skill-levels.  Our toolkits solve all of that with easy-to-use, customisable templates and helpful how-to guides!  Creating high-quality, eye-catching content has never been easier and we can’t wait to help more organisations with Little Bird To Go.

Hopefully, this case study has given you an idea of how we can take your existing branding and create something truly bespoke for your small business or organisation.  Of course, if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a logo for us to use as a starting point for your designs, don’t panic – we have a toolkit for that, too!  Everything we create is unique to you – the templates made for Totnes Climate Hub are only for them and will never be re-used for anyone else.

So, if you’re looking to make your online presence a little more exciting, why not drop us a line and see what we could create for you?!

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