Why Copywriting Matters – What You Need To Know To Write Better Content

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Ask someone to imagine their nightmare scenario and you’ll probably get a graphic description of gore, or a tale of extreme social awkwardness. Whilst I can definitely relate to the latter, my nightmare scenario would be very different from most: it would be a world without words.

From the lyrics that make up our favourite songs, to the stories we read before bed, words are everywhere. We are constantly taking in words, whether we’re hearing, reading, signing, speaking or writing them – and they aren’t just pointless sounds or random letters on a page. Words have power.

How many times have you read a delicious-sounding description of a meal and felt your mouth begin to water? How often – be honest, now – have you read something whilst scrolling through social media and felt your blood pressure reach boiling point?!

Words have the potential to amuse, enrage, inspire and ignite curiosity. If they can do all of those things – and more – it’s unsurprising that we should choose them wisely.

The Words You Choose...

Did you know that when a visitor clicks onto your homepage, you have mere seconds to grab their attention, before they’re at risk of “bouncing” from your site entirely? That makes the text they find there even more important.

It’s not just online, either. When it comes to picking the right words to represent your organisation or event, the stakes are high. Striking the right tone is crucial; nobody’s likely to get excited about an upcoming concert if the press release is drier than a desert, after all…

Copywriting services from Little Bird Creative
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That’s where Little Bird Creative come in. We take the time to get to know the people behind the organisations and events we work with, ensuring that the copy written for you will truly reflect what you’re all about. Looking for regular, conversational blog pieces for your website? We’ve got you covered. Need engaging text for your website? We can help there, too! Whatever your wordy conundrum, we’re here to help you solve it.

Let Little Bird Creative take the stress out of copywriting and we’ll produce content that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Say goodbye to uninspiring words.

Say hello to Little Bird Creative.

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