How Our Professional Video Filming and Editing Can Offer You Awesome Results

Emma behind the camera producing video for Little Bird Creative

If there’s one thing we know here at Little Bird Creative, it’s that visual content is more likely to stop a person scrolling and make them sit up and take notice! 

Video is a window into your organisation, giving you a chance to show off what you do.  Video also allows you to get creative with your online promo.  Do you have a Christmas event coming up?  Have us add festive effects or animation!  Whether you’re looking for all the green screen bells and whistles, or just something clean and simple, we’re here to help you bring your visual ideas to life with our video filming and editing services.

Lights, Camera, Action!

So, what can video be used for?

You might be thinking that your organisation has no need for this kind of content, but video has countless uses that may never have entered your mind!

Here are just a few ways that video could liven up your online offerings:

Online Advertising

Yes, it’s the most obvious one, but it’s a biggie!

Short ads on your website and across social media can bring your organisation or event to a wider audience.  It’s much cheaper than TV advertising and it’s super easy to share, helping to create a buzz about what you do!

Documentary Footage

Does your group have a big anniversary coming up?  Perhaps you’re planning a special event?  Lift the lid on what you’re up to and take viewers behind the scenes to see how you tick.  Tell the story of what makes you special!

Music Videos

Live performances may be returning, but video still has a big part to play, here.  Is your choir or music group looking to grow in numbers?  Are you fundraising?  Music videos could help you more than you think!  They promote your group to potential new members, drum up concert ticket sales, showcase your talents to event organisers/sponsors and can even be a way of practising your performance skills in a completely Covid-safe way. 

 This leads us nicely onto…


Not everyone feels safe going back into theatres, yet!  Filming your group’s performance will allow vulnerable audience members to watch from the comfort of their own homes.  Of course, this use for video does not stop here!  Perhaps you run a museum or gallery which is only accessible via stairs?  

With video, you can create a virtual tour of your exhibits, ensuring that those unable to physically access the premises can “visit” without even leaving the house.

Want to know more about our video filming and editing services?

We could go on, but we’d be here all day…. 

At Little Bird Creative, we’ve worked with a variety of amazing groups and organisations, putting together video content to suit all styles and budgets.  Whether you’d like us to travel to you to shoot your masterpiece, or you’d prefer to film and send your footage to us to sprinkle our editing magic on, we’ll work with you to produce something you’re proud of.  

Creating engaging video content is something we’re passionate about and we can’t wait to do more!  So, if you’ve been inspired to tell your story on film, get in touch and find out our video filming and editing services could benefit you.

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