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The Power of Podcasts: How To Make The Most of Audio

Podcasts are everywhere.  Data released last year revealed that there are over two million podcasts available for listeners to choose from and for a growing number of us, they’re a regular part of our routine.  Little Bird Emma, for example, likes to have a podcast playing whilst she does her make up each morning and often continues listening as she drives to the office!

Podcast editing is one of the many services we offer here at Little Bird Creative and with the trend seeing little sign of slowing, we thought we’d share some of the ways they can benefit organisations.  To really make it specific, we’ve even split this blog into headings covering the types of clients we mostly work with, so you can see exactly how having a podcast might give you the boost you’re looking for!

Small Businesses

You might be thinking “nobody wants to hear about my jewellery making business when they’re listening to a podcast,” but trust us, there’s an audience for everything!  A behind-the-scenes podcast, sharing stories about what you do, humanises an organisation and the old cliché remains true: “people buy from people, not businesses.”

Even if you’re not sure you want to make your own podcast, advertising on one (or several!) remains something well worth considering.  Adverts can really increase your visibility, ensuring people remember you when they need to buy a product or service.  Just as we’ll be happy to edit your podcast, we can help with editing your advert, too!

Podcast editing by Little Bird Creative
Bodmin Keep exterior, still image from short video promo by Little Bird Creative

Museums, Galleries & Heritage Organisations

Do you have a new exhibition opening?  Are you fundraising for vital building improvements?  Perhaps you’ve got exciting events coming up… Podcasts can help you share your news with a wider audience!  They also help make what you do even more accessible.  If, for example, you’re a museum based in an old building without lifts, with sections only accessible by stairs, a podcast can help bring your exhibitions to those unable to visit in person.

Museums and galleries are treasure troves, with so many tales to tell and objects to explore.  A podcast gives you the chance to celebrate that, with the opportunity to single out an individual object and really tell its story in detail.  Bringing history to life for your listeners in this way will very likely pique their interests and make them want to come along and see said object in person, too!


Podcasts are not only an excellent way to promote an event in advance, but they can be brilliant tools for keeping interest going once it’s over, too!  So much goes into the planning of an event and, like we said, there’s an audience for everything.  Just how do you cater for hundreds or even thousands of hungry visitors, for example?  Interview the people behind-the-scenes and show your future attendees just what you do to ensure your event is the best it can possibly be!  If time and circumstances allow, break out the big guns, too.  If you’re a music festival, see if you can interview one of your top performers.  If you’re a food event and have demonstrations by visiting chefs, ask one to be a guest on the podcast and share some recipes and tips!

Don’t forget that as your event looms closer, your podcast can have a more practical purpose, too – it’s a handy way of sharing important information with your guests.

Fun Palaces 2019 poster
Charity drive photo, used in Little Bird Creative's podcast editing services blog

CICs and Charities

Podcasts are an amazing tool when it comes to raising awareness.  A leaflet or social media post can only contain so many words, but with a podcast you have plenty of time and space to tell a story.  If you’re fundraising for a specific purpose, this is your platform from which to explain why it’s so important and give people those vital donation details.  If you want to draw attention to a cause that you feel has been overlooked, this could be a way of creating something that makes people sit up and take notice!

Again, on a more practical level, podcasts can be useful for sharing everyday news and information.  Are you holding an event of some kind?  Promote it on your podcast!

Music Groups

Whether you’re looking to recruit new members, promote upcoming performances or just tell the world about what you do, podcasts are a handy string to your bow.  From competitive choruses charting their journeys to the convention stage, to Musical Directors sharing warm-up tips, there’s an awful lot you can do with the space and creativity that podcasts provide.

Just make sure you look into licensing, if you intend to share any of your musical performances on your show!

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Graphic design & illustration by Little Bird Creative

To Sum Up...

Podcasts are a fun and effective way to build and engage with your audience and give you a creative platform from which to share all manner of stories and content.  If you’re thinking “maybe I should get on board” but you’re not sure how to go about it, just drop us a line to find out more about our podcast editing service.  We’ll be happy to help!

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