hand painted image of children playing, by Lesley Harris of Little Bird Creative

Inspiring Little Minds – How To Make Exciting, Child-Friendly Museum Spaces

Do you remember your first trip to a museum? 

When Little Bird Emma was little, her grandparents lived in London and she was lucky enough to have fairly frequent visits to incredible places like The Natural History Museum, The V&A and The Science Museum.  To this day, she has fond memories of those trips; marvelling at the exhibits on display and taking her time to ensure she hadn’t missed seeing a single thing!  Which leads us to a question…

We all know that children are the curators, directors and museum volunteers of the future, but how do you spark that interest now? Find out how we can help you create a child-friendly museum!

Here's Where We Come In...

Here at Little Bird Creative, we have something we think is pretty special.  Not only do we have many years of experience in graphic design, including the production of several bespoke exhibition panels for museums, we also have a wealth of professional childcare knowledge, particularly focused on Early Years and Key Stage 1.  How many creative design agencies can say that?!

child-friendly museum exhibition design by Little Bird Creative
Little Bird Creative's Emma Tofi at the launch of her first series of children's books.

A Uniquely Child-Friendly Design Team

Little Bird Emma, our resident copywriter, became a children’s author in 2011, with a series of three books published by Thingley Press.  To promote them, Emma arranged story-telling workshops in schools and libraries, where she not only read her books to children, but helped them to create stories of their own.

This ability to connect with youngsters was long-established; Emma had been working in Early Years childcare for almost a decade by the time her books were published and knew how to make things informative and fun.

Emma’s awareness of what sparks a child’s imagination, combined with Lesley’s knack for bold and exciting graphic design gives Little Bird Creative a huge head-start when it comes to producing kid-friendly exhibitions!  

Little Audiences: BIG Impact!

We want to help museums create that same sense of wonder that we felt as children, exploring them for the very first time.  

Children are naturally curious and museums have the potential to open their eyes to all kinds of new experiences and ideas.  Meeting them on their level – with panel text that entertains as well as educates, imagery that fires their imagination and interactive opportunities that give them the chance to do rather than merely see – is a fantastic way to encourage their love for learning.  

Children exploring how to be archaeologists. Illustrating Little Bird Creative's child-friendly exhibition-design
child-friendly museum exhibition design from Little Bird Creative
Child exploring chemistry, illustrating Little Bird Creative's child-friendly exhibit design

Whatever you’re looking for – museum panels that stand out from the crowd, video content that makes kids sit up and take notice or audio editing that brings your exhibitions to life – Little Bird Creative will work with you from start to finish, staying on brief and within budget, to help you put together something your visitors of all ages will love.

So, if you’re ready for child-friendly exhibit design from a team uniquely placed to create something special, maybe it’s time you got in touch.

Little Bird Creative have all the tools you need to help fuel the imaginations of the next generation of museum explorers!

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