Looking to promote your singing group via a performance video?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve worked with some fantastic groups, creating eye-catching videos that really show off just what they can do!

Whatever your style, we can help bring your ideas to life.  We are proud to offer professional audio and video editing, with a flexible service to suit your needs.

Already have your recording?

Share your ideas with us and we’ll work with you to put together a video that matches your vision.  Simply send us your group’s pre-recorded audio and video clips and we’ll work our magic on them!

Looking For Custom Audio Editing?

Record your singers individually and we’ll use professional software to create a whole group sound, as well as a video that gives everyone a chance to shine.

Want The Popstar Experience?

Let us take the whole project off your hands!  We’ll put together your audio and film your singers either individually or in groups.  We can even incorporate green-screen technology, transporting you anywhere you choose!